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Does A Conscious AI threaten Human Existence?

AI Human Consciousness

Steve Jobs did Acid, Could Artificial Intelligence Be Next? What the heck does AI (Artificial Intelligence) or robots has to do with LSD – or better known as “Acid”, you might wonder. Let me explain. In 1943, a Swiss chemist called Albert Hofmann, accidentally discovered and got high on LSD himself. It opened a world to him. He describes: …In a dreamlike state, with eyes closed (I found the daylight to be unpleasantly glaring), I perceived an uninterrupted stream of

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Who snagged the biggest Cloud Contract from Snap: Amazon, Google or Microsoft?

Snap Google Cloud

Who really won: Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud? Journalists love bait-clicks and shock&awe stuff when it comes to reporting news. When I saw this title — which favorably spoke about how Amazon won above Microsoft Cloud or Google Cloud; I, instinctively, dug a bit further. “Amazon Snags Snap Pact As Cloud Battle With Microsoft, Alphabet Grow“ Wow! That means it’s leaving Google and Microsoft in the dirt!  But Is it really now? Let’s deconstruct this one by one. I picked

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Can Indian IT Outsourcing Inc. Survive Digital Disruption?

Digital Disruption of Indian IT

Digital disruption of the Indian IT Inc. How it all got started … Over the past three decades, Indian IT has become a $140bn industry built on a very simple proposition: rich-country companies could trim costs by getting tedious behind- the-scenes IT work done by cheap engineers in India. There was a gold rush as both corporate enterprises and Indian entrepreneurs rushed to create a compelling solution around this huge cost optimization solution: cheap labor! The Indian firms hired graduates

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Electric Vehicles Need To Quickly Move To Solar Charging

Are Electric Vehicles Really This Clean? I am a huge fan of Tesla and the Electric Vehicles revolution in general and I’m fully convinced that the world is actually done with fossil fuels madness. It has adversely affected our climate in the past 100 years and this finite source of energy is about to dry out very soon! I hope you have read or heard enough of the Electric Vehicles (EV) as they are simple to design and build, very

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These 6 habits are stopping you from disrupting yourself

disrupt yourself

Tech industry is probably the most innovative industries in the world today — the change is so fast paced, it’s almost revolutionary. It’s the perfect case of how disrupted entrepreneurship came into play in the last two decades. Older monopolies are being upended by new players, industries are being overhauled, first retail, then travel, banking and insurance and now it feels as if virtually nothing or nobody is immune from disruption! But in the midst of all this, someone has

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9 Signs Your Startup is Screwed!

Startup failure

Nah, Startup failure won’t touch me Startups are super sexy. You’ve seen the interviews of those 20-somethings from the Silicon Valley in Forbes magazine. They’re dressed down, have this dreamy demeanor, talk real fast and use techno savvy terms like AI, VR and how they will solve the world’s next problem. This fashion show is not just contained in the Silicon Valley anymore, in fact, today you hear a lot of those garage tinkerers and college room hustlers really close

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