German gov says: “Don’t use IE till its fixed”; Same flaw led to hackers to attack U.S tech compnaies


I had abandoned IE some four years ago and left firefox for the faster Google Chrome since last week. No more slow or unreliable browsers for me anymore. I would advise you to do the same. Get a faster and a more secure browser and adopt secure practices. I have also started using secure http connection, meaning using https:// for my gmail conversations. I think in the age of cloud computing, non of your web activity should be done on a regular connection. Always use and/or enforce secure connections.

The Bonn, Germany-based Federal Office for Information Security said attacks by hackers “cannot be fully prevented” even if users run the browser in “safety mode,” according to a statement posted late yesterday on the office’s Web site.
Google said Jan. 12 it may close its offices in China after being attacked by hackers. Microsoft issued an emergency alert on Jan. 14 to help users avoid a flaw in Explorer that helped the attack. The software company said it’s working with Google, partners and authorities to investigate the issue




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