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Who snagged the biggest Cloud Contract from Snap: Amazon, Google or Microsoft?

Who really won: Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud? Journalists love bait-clicks and shock&awe stuff when it comes to reporting...

Feb 10 · 1 min read >

Can Indian IT Outsourcing Inc. Survive Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption of the Indian IT Inc. How it all got started … Over the past three decades, Indian...

Feb 6 · 5 min read >

Electric Vehicles Need To Quickly Move To Solar Charging

Are Electric Vehicles Really This Clean? I am a huge fan of Tesla and the Electric Vehicles revolution in...

Jan 31 · 3 min read >

These 6 habits are stopping you from disrupting yourself

Tech industry is probably the most innovative industries in the world today — the change is so fast paced,...

Jan 18 · 4 min read >

9 Signs Your Startup is Screwed!

Nah, Startup failure won’t touch me (Updating for March 2020) Startups are super sexy. You’ve seen the interviews of...